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Security assessment

Posted on 22nd November, 2018

Managing risk should be incorporated into every business activity and it must be at the forefront of tasks to ensure risks to the business are mitigated. Security assessment is a process which reviews and analyses a business, a project or a home to identify risks and clear strategy on how best to manage said risks.


An example we can use are rural buildings which often have high value lead, also in large quanities which is a desireable item to be stolen by criminasl. Scaffolding is errected by contractors to perform works and during the night intrduers have used the scaffolding to gain entry and egress with their loot in hand.


Should a security assessment have taken place then indeed there would have been suitable security measures in place to mitigate the threat of theft. These could have been physcial measures such as suitable fencing, electronic measures such as remotely monitored CCTV or operational related.


Do not let project works raise the risk level and have this managed through a professional security review.



Security assessment risk management

Site Fire information

Posted on 26th October, 2017



Fire Edition !! Construction Security & Safety Professionals



With Halloween & Bonfire Night approaching quickly we wanted make sure everyone was more aware of what site Fire safety advances our industry has taken. State-of-the-Art fire detection CCTV systems, wireless site fire and first aid systems are shown below for your information.


Each year there are hundreds of fires on construction sites, potentially putting the lives of workers & the general public at risk. Have you done enough to mitigate the risks and ensure swift & safe egress in an emergency is available? We need to concentrate on minimising the fires starting and maximising safety if they do.


Fire Drills are great, but most often everyone knows that they are a drill and no real urgency is taken; did you know that Security Connected can manage your drills for you - but as with our business ethos our twist ensures that firstly nobody knows it’s a drill, video recordings of the event are taken to use as development tools, and we have a few extra tricks up our sleeve which really maximise the effect of a fire drill ensuring everyone gets involved in a proactive manner.


Planning for disaster and practicing emergency events are the only way to keep people and property safe; no amount of training can prepare for an actual disaster to strike and it’s that we emulate to really test as true to real-life situations as possible.


Our business Security Connected Ltd, are exceptional security, safety & technology professionals whom specialise in the construction sector. Being innovative in our approach to advising & supporting, designing & specifying systems and solutions for our customers ensures that our service is second to none always adding value to our clientele.

Site Fire & Safety systems


With Bonfire Night coming does your site have the correct Fire & First Aid systems in place? State-of-art wireless systems & solutions will be specified, installed & deliver great site benefits.

Fire Detection


Timber frame projects are at higher risk than most for fire risk creating huge impact to contractors & developers alike; we can design, install & monitor our specialist CCTV analytical system with the addition of live real-time fire detection. Technology is here to help!

Christmas tradition


Does you construction company have a tradition? Like having a Christmas Tree topping your project? Also have you clarified Christmas & New Year security requirements? Let Security Connected manage and implement your security, safety & technology today!