Security assessment

Posted on 22nd November, 2018

Managing risk should be incorporated into every business activity and it must be at the forefront of tasks to ensure risks to the business are mitigated. Security assessment is a process which reviews and analyses a business, a project or a home to identify risks and clear strategy on how best to manage said risks.


An example we can use are rural buildings which often have high value lead, also in large quanities which is a desireable item to be stolen by criminasl. Scaffolding is errected by contractors to perform works and during the night intrduers have used the scaffolding to gain entry and egress with their loot in hand.


Should a security assessment have taken place then indeed there would have been suitable security measures in place to mitigate the threat of theft. These could have been physcial measures such as suitable fencing, electronic measures such as remotely monitored CCTV or operational related.


Do not let project works raise the risk level and have this managed through a professional security review.



Security assessment risk management

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