CCTV Surveillance



Being highly skilled, expertly trained & with vast experience within the security industry, this allows Security Connected to provide a premier service when designing, installing, maintaining or remotely monitoring a surveillance system.


With a background in providing security consultations & continuity planning to industry, Security Connected are poised to deliver the finest service available, whether the system requirements are entry level / residential or whether they are for the highest grade IP systems or thermal imaging equipment, here at Security Connected we endeavour to provide cost effective and professional solutions to your surveillance requirements.





What type of CCTV do you need?

  1. AHD systems deliver cost effective good standard of CCTV imagery
  2. HD CVi & TVi technology can now deliver up to 3-megapixel over coax cabling and won't break the bank
  3. IP CCTV easily delivers upto 4K resolution for higher quality requirements & higher profile requirements

Our analysis, research, product & design advice will ensure you receive the very best in service & support.


The range of CCTV equipment and supporting products available from Security Connected are huge, thus to ensure the correct products and prices, please contact Security Connected direct for further information.


Below is a none-comprehensive list of the CCTV surveillance system products & services: 

  • CCTV Equipment - supply, specification and design of CCTV equipment
  • Lighting - reviewing the environmental & external factors to deliver crisp images
  • Remote Monitoring - have your home or business protected 24/7, the ultimate security service
  • CCTV Maintenance - ensure maximum performance from your system with our packages
  • System Design - ensure your business or project has maximum function & capability using our team
  • Installation - ensure your CCTV package is installed & setup correctly, maximise the system potential
  • Consultation - ensure iSecure's expert advice is transferred into physical results with your business
  • Auditing - ensure your current system is designed, installed & is operating correctly
  • CCTV control room design - fully supported process design & equipment specification




Integrated with our CCTV Surveillance systems, can be the inclusion of perimeter detection, Fire and Intruder alarm systems, audio equipment, physically security measures such as fencing, gates, roller shutters to name but a few additional supporting products.


Please get in touch with the team here at Security Connected to further discuss your CCTV requirements to ensure you remain safe and secure in a turbulent world.