CCTV Testing



Entrust our security consultancy experience & maximise our stringent CCTV testing procedures to ensure that your CCTV surveillance system complies with the relevant British Standards, the Governments CCTV Code of Practice and the Data Protection Act prior to physically testing your surveillance equipment, specification and performance using the lastest in technology & methods to test all aspects of your security system & process and provide a comprehensive review report detailing all findings and recommended developments.





Note that should you be looking for a professioanl installation we can provide our consutlancy & design service to ensure your surveillance system is perefectly specified and suitable for its intended application and installed by our very experienced engineers as per our speciifcation.


There is so much more than meets the eye regarding the installation and operation of Closed Circuit Television and of the many installation companies within the UK there are many whom do not fully understand the technology fully to allow the correct specification of the recording / transmission equipment, cabling / infratsructure, the surveillance cameras and indeed the correct lighting and security processes - that is why consultancy & design plays such an important part in the continued development of the security industry.


Recent Government statistics depict that 97% of CCTV surveillance systems currently installed within the UK would not provide suitable imagery to use in a criminal prosecution, this situation has been created through budget driven systems winning tenders rather than suitable specification being supplied and a lack of installer knowledge.


Through our security consultancy operation we not only have driven passion for the industry but always drive forward with technology and advances within the industry which assist in Security Connected being able to deliver great advice on system requirements and especially setup requirements. With many detailed areas making up image collection, the adaptation of the environment relating to the detailed scene image is of paramount importance & with our experience ensure your system new or old can deliver and satisfy its breif once more.


Do not becoming apart of the statisitcs and ensure that your CCTV Surveillance is tested & designed to work.


Contact the team here at Security Connected to discuss your home or business surveillance system in greater detail - our motto is to have your security breif acheived through good management & not good luck.