About us


Security Connected is a driven, forward thinking security and technology group. In brief Security Connected is a business delivering high-tech systems, solutions, support and more for today’s modern homes and businesses yet empowering our clients with our bespoke unique holistic approach. As a snapshot of our business please below;

Security consulatncy is the basis for our corporation; delving deep into a business or operation to identify and report on strengths and vulnerabilities creating strategy and management to physcial, technical and operational security.  

Risk management is a service which delivers profound development and undsertanding to any business. Indepth assessment of the business operation, its staff, its products, its process to uncover areas which require the mitigation of risk and the complete mangement to business threats. A niche service but one that resonates its advantegous nature into the future.

Freelance support is the use of our definitive industry knowledge for the benenfit short term or long term for your business; having access to such profficent labour and experience without burden or requirements to fulfil an employee position. You recieve the very best in business support and drive and passion which can be utlised for a wide variety of beneficial purposes within your firm, presentation creation and completion, business meetings, product design, system specification and design.

Business wise our service support spans to all areas of both physical and technical aspects of our technology industries. Our industries include security, safety solutions, fire, time-lapse systems, lighting, electrical, signage & digital displays / marketing systems and audio-visual to name but a few.

Our ethos is “to secure the future of your home, family and business through innovation”. The goals & objectives of our business are simple, to ensurie the well-being of your business and assets through detailed interigation and reporting. Powered by a passionate and professional security consulant, the experience behind Security Connected provides our customers with nothing but the very best in service, support and unique knowledge. You will always receive an expert and personal service.

The vision is to provide a premium service cost-effectively with supreme benefit and customer care.