Training Packages


Security Connected's training provision identifies your businesses Security & Fire Safety requirements and creates a bespoke training programme to raise the operating standard & awareness of both Security and Fire Safety.


Fire Safety Training - 


From refrsher courses through to bespoke designed packages, we ensure that your business is correctly prepared and fully trainined to manage and deal with this potentially life threatening occurance; this includes an audit of your current businesses procedures and documentation to provide conclusive Fire Training support.


Fire Marshall Training -


Being able to safely and correctly manage a life threatening Fire incident requires suitably trained individuals and team members to react and complete the Fire Evacuation Plan as per designed documentation. This is key to having a safe and correctly managed plan in place.


Security Training - 


This is an area in which many companies over-look; and the importance of such training and raised awareness to your business is huge. The impact to your businesses Health & Safety process and Security preservation can be vastly rasied through the correct security training. Packages are designed specific to your business following consultation and identification of your businesses Security risks and hazards. Our specially designed courses can include NVQ qualifications in conflict management to further support & manage your business security risks. We have also created a Security Marshall package which can provide massive benefits to businesses whom require onsite trained personnel to assist should an incident occur requiring Security management.


Bespoke Training Packages -


Through our network of trainers we are also able to create and roll-out all manner of business related training and development courses and training packages to ensure the continual developing of your business and attention to your staff awareness and training progression.


Please get in touch for further information on how we here at Security Connected can support your businesses training needs.